Basal Body Temperature Fertility - Discover the Best Time to Have Sex to Get Pregnant

Among the odds to conceive is to know your Basal Body Temperature (BBT) - the temperature of your body at rest.

BBT can tell you the best time to have sex to get pregnant.

By taking your temperature right away in the morning before you do anything (getting out of bed, eating, drinking or even going to the bathroom), is essential to get an accurate reading.

Once you begin to chart your morning temperatures, you will begin to see definite in your cycle. This will help you determine your ovulation.

Be sure to take your reading at the same time each day, and remember illness or not getting enough sleep can affect it.

In general most women observe slight fluctuations in their temperature from day to day.

When your temperature rises .2 degrees higher than any temperature taken in the last 6 days, and it stays elevated for three consecutive days, it's a sign that you have ovulated.

Some tips for charting your BBT

  • Get a glass basal body thermometer (it can register degrees within 1/10th)
  • Don't forget to shake down the thermometer before you go to bed
  • After you wake up in the morning, take your temperature before doing anything
  • Record your temperature by putting a black dot in the correct date column on the chart
  • Draw a line between yesterday's temperature dot and today's dot
  • Mark days you have sex by circling the dot
  • Record and reasons for temperature fluctuations (a cold, fever, etc) with a star
  • Start a new chart the day your period begins.

Ovulation causes more body heat. This causes the BBT to increase. It is not possible for your temperature to go up without ovulation, so you've got to look for a strong rise.

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