Cervical Mucus Infertility-Discover the Moment You Are Most Ready to Make a Baby

By exactly knowing when you ovulate, you are able to make a difference between getting pregnant and not getting pregnant. For this reason it’s important to keep an eye on the natural signs about the right moment for trying.

Every woman experiences a certain degree of vaginal discharge all of the time. Taking note however of how that discharge, or cervical mucus, changes throughout the month, can be a good indicator as to when you should try to conceive a child.

The texture and the consistency of the cervical mucus changes throughout the month. Here are the basic stages of the mucus:

1. The Infertile phase - several “dry” days with no visible mucus right after your period

2. The Fertile phase – cervical mucus appears moist and sticky at first and may be white or a creamy color. When tested with your finger it will hold its shape and break easily. Closer to ovulation, the mucus increases in amounts and becomes cloudier and stretch when finger tested. This is high fertile mucus, allowing sperm to live several days. In your peak, or the highest fertile day, the mucus is slippery, transparent and stretchy.

3. Post-ovulatory infertile phase - right after your peak day your mucus will become sticky and dry once again.

How to check your cervical mucus?

The easiest way is every time you go to the bathroom. Be sure however to use your finger and not toilet paper, which will absorb some of the moisture.
It’s also important to check the mouth of the vagina, not the walls (since they are always moist).

If you cannot tell the difference between cervical mucus and normal vaginal secretions try this simple test:

Dip a sample of mucus (or secretion) into some water. If it forms a blob and sinks, it is cervical mucus, but if it dissolves, it is a normal secretion.

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