How To Get Pregnant At 40-Is the Age Really Your Greatest Problem to Conceive?

Age could affect getting pregnant, but it should not stop you in any way.

According to Chinese Medicine a woman's reproductive age span is a direct result of her underlying Qi energies (they are described in our ebook you already have: 'How to get pregnant fast in a natural and easy way'), it must be supplemented through the spleen throughout her life to keep her reproductive organs working properly.

A woman experiences many changes in her internal energies beginning with an energetic focus at the beginning of menses and flowing from one full moon to the next, transferring energies from the uterus to the heart as her reproductive lifespan goes down. This allows the woman to move form a state of procreation (fertility), to a state of wisdom as her fertility abilities cease.

When Traditional Chinese Medicine/TCM/ is used to stall this transition by re-regulating the hormones needed for conception, you can make the reproductive organs function again - at least for awhile -and retain a certain amount of youth with higher levels of fertility.

This can be done by applying acupuncture, herbs and the right diet and exercise. All these can be used to handle deficiencies in the spleen and kidneys and get your body working the way it should in order to get pregnant.

Here are some ways to improve your odds of conception, regardless of your age:

1. Get your body in the best baby-making shape as possible - eat well, get plenty of rest and exercise and see your doctor!

2. Consult with an expert, experienced in working with older moms.

3. Get a good support team - friends, family, clergy and even professional help.

4. Set a timetable. Don't let yourself get panicked by the idea of getting pregnant. Think about how long you want to spend trying to have a baby, and stick to it as best you can.

6. Investigate alternative treatment options, such as TCM (and re-read our ebook!)

7. Be patient. Getting pregnant can take awhile at any age, but the older you get the longer it takes.

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