IVF success rates

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What is IVF?

(IVF) is combining egg cell(s) and spermatozoids, isolated from their natural environment. The fertilized egg cell is implanted into the mother’s womb.

What to expect after IVF?

Always it is the cell egg that, upon its rotation, “selects” which spermatozoid to fertilize it.

It should be noted that the cell egg’s choice is never random. This choice has to do with life energy, emotions and thoughts of the parents during the sexual act.

Upon IVF the spermatozoids and the cell egg are in a stress situation. They are separated from physical bodies of the parents and thus – from their emotions and thoughts at that moment.

In other words: the integrity of the natural fertilization process is lost, which could have an impact on the mental and physical status of the child.

What are the risks with IVF?

  The abnormality rate (probability that anencephaly, intestinal atresia, hypospedia, craniostenosis, etc. occur) of children born through IVF is higher
  Spermatozoids and cell eggs could be damaged while stored in lab conditions
  Often mothers who get pregnant via IVF are more aged, which means that there is an increased risk of genetic diseases would increase
  Mother’s organism undergoes much bigger stress due to hormonal treatment or surgical interventions

What is the IVF success rate?

Statistics for the US per single IVF cycle:

  • 30 - 35 % for women under age 35 
  • 25 % for women ages 35 to 37 
  • 15 - 20 % for women ages 38 to 40 
  • 5 - 10 % for women over age 40 

It should be noted that often only the success rate of IVF is quoted, and no attention is paid to the rate of babies born with problems upon IVF fertilization.

What is IVF cost

What is wrong with all the conventional infertility treatment methods?

Conventional methods (IVF and IUI) mean surgical intervention related with stress and pain. The cost is from $10 000 to $15 000 per a single IVF cycle.

Other additional options, for example ICSI treatment (Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection, injecting a single spermatozoid directly into a cell egg) or PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, a genetic testing for embryos), which might become necessary with the IVF treatment, would cost you about between $1 000 and $ 3000.

If you use a sperm donor, IVF costs from $13 000 to $17 000 per cycle. Using an egg donor will bring the cost per IVF cycle up to between $25 000 and $30 000.

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