Yoga for fertility – trying to get pregnant by yoga practice

 Practicing yoga for fertility is a form of alternative infertility treatment methods, bringing you relief from stress and relaxation. Improving the overall status of your mind and body is really important for a couple trying to conceive.

Yoga for fertility is a special part of yoga that is intended for men and women


who make efforts to conceive.

The basic principles of yoga have been retained in fertility yoga, in combination however with specific postures targeted to help the reproductive organs, thus increasing chances for pregnancy.

Moreover fertility yoga is focused on the provision of stress relief and relaxation to balance the body’s hormones and emotions in order to make the female body more favorable to conception.

The benefits of yoga for fertility are concentrated in a couple of aspects.

First, it helps to improve your overall physical health, which by no means reflects on the probability of getting pregnant.

Regular practicing of yoga exercises would bring you the following advantages:

  • increase blood circulation by allowing nutrients and oxygen to reach easier to your reproductive organs
  • improve the overall status of the muscles supporting your reproductive organs
  • improve the total alignment of your body and increase your body energy

Second, yoga for fertility contributes to reducing the stress level in your body. It is proven that infertility is often related with some physical and emotional stress.

A typical and undisputable source of stress could be methods of treatment like IUI and IVF, related with invasive surgical intervention, together with the strong tension over the coming test results.

Last but not least, yoga for fertility could help you also enjoy a better communication with your partner – both verbal and non-verbal.

The ability to relax is in the base of improving relationship of a couple and this would lead to spend more time together by dedicating to each other. This in turn, could reflect on bringing more passion and creativity in your sexual life.  

When talking about yoga for fertility, it is to be noted that there are certain kinds of yoga you should focus on.

Some types of yoga are rather strenuous and therefore are not prescribed for improving conception – for example Bikram yoga (hot yoga) and Ashtanga yoga. Recommended yoga types are Hatha yoga and Kripalu yoga.

They are gentler forms of yoga including yoga postures that are easy to perform and are beneficial both for your mind and your body.

It is to be stated that practicing yoga for fertility does not guarantee you a successful conception and it is still unclear from a scientific point of view whether fertility yoga does improve your chances to conceive.

There are however some encouraging statistics showing that the conception rate for women regularly practicing fertility yoga is higher than those who do not.

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